अमेरिकाको टेक्सासमा गोली चल्यो, कम्तीमा २० को मृत्यु, २६ घाइते
    काठमाडौँ — अमेरिकाको टेक्सास सहरमा अन्धाधुन्ध गोली चल्दा कम्तीमा २० जनाको मृत्यु भएको छ भने २६ घाइते भएका छन् । अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय सञ्चारमाध्यमका अनुसार एल पासो सहरको सिएलो भिस्टा मल नजिकको वालमार्ट स्टोरमा बन्दुकधारीले आक्रमण गरेको हो ।  घटनामा संलग्न भएको आशंकामा एक २१ वर्षीय व्यक्तिलाई प्रहरीले नियन्त्रणमा लिएको बीबीसीले लेखेको छ। प्रहरीका अनुसार पक्राउ परेका पैट्रिक क्रुसिएस नामका ती व्यक्ति डालास क्षेत्रका बासिन्दा भएको बताइएको छ। टेक्सासका गभर्नर ग्रेग एबोटले...
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    Get travel through British Airways in fewer prices and with more fun
    If your search is related to British Airways customer service, then you do not have to go anywhere else because you are now in the right place. We are always here for your genuine guidance and to support you and we like to answers your questions, resolving your issues, and your problems. To get your issue resolved with the best practices or the experts, customers can call us on our; British Airways Customer Service Number, to get all your queries sorted with a minute or two. After checking...
    By Mary Jhonsan 2019-07-26 11:10:51 0 19
    Top Most Visiting Places in Jaipur Sightseeing Tour For Tourist
    You simply cannot have enough of the places to go to in Jaipur as the Pink City, as Jaipur is called, is filled full of historical Jaipur traveler locations Looking For Read More Information Please visit it    Taxi in Jaipur
    By Sameer Khan 2019-06-29 07:02:00 0 16
    Jaipur sightseeing taxi in Jaipur Rajasthan Places to Visit in Jaipur
    Jaighar Fort: - The fort of Jaigad was built by Maharaja Jai Singh in the 18th century and this magnificent fort is located on the hill of the eagle in the mountains of Aravali in Jaipur. This fort was built to show the rich culture of the city of Jaipur. Due to being situated at a higher altitude, this fort can be seen from entire city of Jaipur. It was primarily a residential building of kings but later it was used to keep weapons. Cannon has been kept here and it is believed that it is...
    By Sameer Khan 2019-06-28 09:45:55 0 18
    The best tour packages on tours to travel by Taxi Rajasthan.
    We provide totally different cars and coach on hire. Taxi is the best mode of transport in Jaipur. We organize all totally different reasonably taxi as per your requirements. Taxi in Jaipur  
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    Book 1(800) 918-3039 Delta Airlines Reservations for Best Memorable
    Memorable Day, the day that suggests starting of the summer amid all the Americans and gives us the ideal spark to admire the expeditious days of the summer season. People from around the world look for some unforgettable experiences and cosseting get going on breathing trips across the globe and fill them with the cheerfulness Delta airline is the most distinguished airlines in the United States of America. The airline has initiative in combining the loveliest places like New York,...
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    नयाँ वर्षमा सौराहा भरिभराउ, कोठा नपाएर फर्किए पर्यटक
    चितवनको प्रमुख पर्यटकीय क्षेत्र सौराहामा नयाँ वर्ष २०७६ मा पर्यटक भरिभराउ छन् । यहाँ रहेका ११० पर्यटकीय होटल आन्तरिक पर्यटकले भरिएका क्षेत्रीय होटल सङ्घ चितवन, सौराहाका अध्यक्ष सुमन घिमिरेले जानकारी दिए। ‘करीब करीब २५/३० प्रतिशत बाह्य पर्यटक छन्,’ घिमिरेले भने, ‘अरु सबै आन्तरिक पर्यटकले होटल भरिभराउ भएका छन् ।’  पछिल्लो समय नेपाली समुदायमा घुम्ने परम्परा बढेका कारण सौराहामा आन्तरिक पर्यटक बढेको घिमिरेको भनाइ छ । बाह्य पर्यटकमा भारतबाट धेरै आएका छन् । अन्य तेस्रो...
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    7 Most Scenic Destinations To Visit In India!
    India is an endlessly fascinating country with many beautiful and bamboozling places. Stretching from the stunning golden coast of the Indian Ocean to the snow-capped peaks of Himalayan mountains, the country is an incredible tapestry of man-made as well as natural wonders including astounding temples, frenetic cities, mystical monasteries, lavish palaces, national parks, and iconic monuments. India is the greatest melting pot of the world with an incredible diversity of traditions,...
    By Somya Singh 2019-02-14 07:17:37 2 227
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