It can be considered from the following aspects:

* Matching style and color

The choice of Custom Curtain rod is mainly the choice of color and style. Match the curtain rods of different colors according to the main colors of the home decoration and curtain cloth. In addition, the curtain rods selected should match the overall style to make the overall color beauty of the room coordinated. For example, most people's home furnishings are mainly based on simple styles, and it is advisable to choose curtain rods with bright rhythm and simple lines.

* Taste of the owner

"Seeing the micro-knowledge", generally people are willing to observe others from the details, and the same is true for room decoration. The choice of small curtain rods can reflect the taste of the room owner from one side;

* The function and nature of the room

In addition to the most basic requirements for convenient, easy-to-pull, beautiful and durable; special elbows and functional loop brackets can be selected according to the edge shape of the window to meet the needs of different customers!

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