You have this fetish about you and your partner getting down with a third partner entirely for sex. You can't help but think about how hot it'll be when you're in a steamy threesome, and everyone is enjoying it. Luckily for you, your partner doesn't mind having a unicorn join you in your freaky sexual escapades.

Like with other stuffs people look for these days, a Google search will help you find the unicorn of your dreams. Unicorn dating sites such as Feels and 3ndr cater to people like you faster and conveniently. You can also scan dating sites such as FetLife, AdultFriendFinder, and OkCupid for potential unicorns.

Since most users on traditional dating sites aren't exactly looking for threesomes, you have to go through the bios thoroughly to find an interested party. Though it will take time, scanning for unicorns on Tinder may also work. Create a profile with your partner on these sites and be on the lookout for profiles with the unicorn emoji in the bios.

Advertise Yourself

As you set up a profile on a unicorn dating site, clearly communicate the qualities you're couple looking for in a unicorn. Use a sexy photo and an appealing bio to capture the users' attention who may want to join you as a third partner. Figure out why the potential third partner would like to join you and what you and your partner have to offer beyond looks and an eye-catching bio.

Make Your Intentions Clear

While it's a magical feeling to have a unicorn join you and your partner, never expect the person to know what both of you want. You have to clearly state your intentions and how you hope to achieve them if given a chance. Make it clear whether you're looking for a regular relationship or a night of fun from the third person. Explain the limits each of you have to observe and any other useful details you'd want the unicorn to know.

Try to deeply discuss with your partner the expectations both of you have before informing the unicorn about them. Failing to do so will create confusion and make it difficult for the three of you to enjoy sex. Keep in mind that threesomes require a high level of openness and trust to turn out well. If any of you is uncomfortable with the whole arrangement, talk it out to identify the challenges and try to find a solution that will guarantee everyone peace of mind.