In the process of home decoration, curtains suggested by one Specializing in the manufacture of curtain poles must be installed to decorate the room, so curtain rods must be installed before curtains are installed, so what kind of curtain rod is good, how to bind the curtain rod, let's take a look!

First of all, we have to understand what kinds of curtain rods are there. At present, the mainstream curtain rods on the market include Roman rods and slides, which are divided into single rod and double rod, single slide and double slide, so you have to decide according to your needs Whether to make single curtain or double curtain.

The binding method of the curtain slide is relatively simple, usually ceiling binding, the installation of the slide needs to pay attention to the curtain box before decorating the house, so that the installation of the slide can be beautiful, if not reserved in advance, install the slide It will be very troublesome, and a curtain box will be printed later.

If you choose to use Roman rods, it is currently a relatively simple method. However, the binding of Roman rods is more complicated than that of the slide. The Roman rods are loaded by the brackets. If the curtain rods are too long, it may be still in the process of transportation. The curtain rod needs to be sawn off in the middle.

The binding method of the Roman rod is to measure the size in advance. It is better to be 2cm shorter than the actual distance on each side so that it is convenient to take. If you need a decorative head, you need to set aside longer. If it is a plug, it will be shorter. This depends on your own window type.

When binding, find the center point and place the cut position on the bracket. The simple method is to use a pole to measure the wall, and then mark with a pen. If the pole is broken, you can also buy a linker. , Connect the poles. So it's easy to get in the future.

Next, turn your head and turn your eyes, and then screw the screw on the cork. It should be noted that the hook of the curtain must be hung before the pole is installed, so that it is not used to retrieve the pole. The hook is divided equally according to the number of pleats of the curtain That's it.

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