Hair salon furniture is one of the main expenses when developing a hair salon business. This is essential to provide a pleasant experience for salon customers. Hair salon furniture includes styling chairs, shampoo chairs, steamers, massage tables and other items such as carts and cabinets. You can choose furniture according to the interior appearance of the salon. Salon furniture should be chosen to attract customers, because the correct choice of furniture will bring a sense of professionalism to the salon.

Hair Styling Station

It can be used as a single workstation or a space-saving setup, and can accommodate two, three or even four designers. Hair styling stations can include extended drawers, glass retail shelves, fluorescent lights, coordinating mirrors and lockers. It may have a switchboard, curling iron holder, hair dryer and clipper pockets.

Shampoo bed

Used for shampoo with specially designed headrest. You should choose products that are designed to be comfortable to make your customers have a more positive experience.

Massage bed or Barber Chair

Used to massage the face and head. Head massage is also important in hair care because it can increase blood circulation. However, it should be done by a well-trained massage therapist.


It is also an important piece of furniture that may bring a unique appeal to your hair salon. The reception desk is the initial furniture that customers see when they enter the hair salon. Therefore, the reception desk must make customers feel the success and quality service provided by the salon.

The styling Barber Chair also adds a dreamlike atmosphere to the atmosphere of the salon. The posture of the chair should be comfortable so that the customer can sit comfortably while waiting for service. A hydraulic chair is also provided, which is worth seeing. It can be adjusted according to the height of the customer. The environment that the hair salon displays and provides to its customers must have a way of conveying attractiveness, efficiency and rank. In this regard, choosing the right furniture is very important. If the budget is limited, they can be obtained at reasonable prices in discount stores or online auctions.

The important thing is to properly mix your equipment according to the atmosphere provided to customers without sacrificing functionality.

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