Are you looking to make some money off your broken or damaged car? Well, scrap and salvage car buyers can help turn your broken vehicle into cash. But you have to choose the right buyer to get the best price. Most sellers lose a lot of money by choosing the wrong buyer. The biggest mistake is to sell a restorable car to a scrap yard for peanuts when you can get more from salvage car buyers. What is the difference between salvage car buyers and car scrap yards? Does it matter where you sell your scrap car?

Scrap Yards vs. Salvage Car Buyers

The main difference between scrap yards and salvage car buyers is the nature of their business and grading system. Scrap yards usually engage only in scrapping and recycling, which means that all damaged vehicles they buy are valued based on the weight of metal. If you sell a damaged vehicle to a car scrap yard, you'll be paid based on its scrap value. But just because your car isn't running does not necessarily mean that it is scrap. Even the most damaged car can have several reusable parts that are highly valuable to some collectors, right? So, the value of scrap cars should vary depending on their condition and reusable parts.

In comparison, salvage car buyers are more interested in the condition of the vehicle and the value of its parts. Salvage car dealers like Easy Scrap Car Collections set the price based on your car’s salvage value or scrap value. If your car is repairable or has reusable parts, you will be paid based on its salvage value. Unlike scrap yards, salvage car buyers pay extra cash for newer parts like a brand new transmission in your damaged car. Scrap and salvage car buyers also offer car recycling services if you wish to retire your vehicle. Selling your vehicle to scrap and salvage car buyers will fetch you more. It is the best option to boost your car’s value and also offers other benefits.

Benefits of Selling to Scrap and Salvage Car Buyers

While maximizing your returns is a priority, other factors like sentimental value, regulatory issues, and secure transactions are also important. Here are three benefits of selling to scrap and salvage car buyers:

  • Keep sentimental memories alive. Just like vintage homes, old family cars have sentimental value and come with rich history and stories to tell. If the car has been part of your life or family for decades, the thought of dumping it in a car scrap yard can make it emotionally difficult for you to hand over the keys. You may feel like you’re discarding your memories and a large portion of your life. Selling to salvage car buyers is much easier because it will be given a new lifeline. One day you may come across your precious car in traffic, and it will put a smile on your face once more with nostalgic memories.
  • Safe and Secure Transactions. Worrying whether you’ll get out of a scrap yard with your money is a legitimate concern. Can you imagine being paid in cash on the wrong side of town and have to retrace your steps out of a shady scrap yard? Terrifying, right? Established scrap and salvage car buyers like Easy Scrap Car Collections transact using safe and secure channels only. You can negotiate with the salvage crew in the privacy of your home and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Regulatory concerns. The operations of scrap and salvage car buyers are regulated by both local and national agencies. Whenever you hand over your car for scrapping or recycling, the process will comply with relevant regulations, and you will receive a Certificate of Destruction in line with government guidelines. The certificate confirms that your car is no longer on the road. If you deal with unscrupulous car scrap yards, you are not assured of regulatory compliance.

Once you have decided to sell your damaged or old vehicle to scrap and salvage car buyers, the next step is to find the right buyer for you. But with so many online and offline dealers in scrap and salvage cars, how do you choose the right scrap car buyer to meet your needs?

Choosing the Right Scrap and Salvage Car Buyer

The most obvious starting point is to search online for “scrap my car near me” or “sell my broken car” to find local buyers in your area. Then, analyse the services offered by each buyer based on your needs. What services will work best for you? Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right scrap car buyer to meet your needs:

Online-based services

In this day and age, you want the convenience of transacting online. You don’t need to run up and down in search of suitable scrap car buyers. Reputable scrap and salvage car buyers like Easy Scrap Car Collections operate both online and offline to help you close the deal without the hassle. Online-based scrap car buyers only require you to complete a simple online form with a few details like your vehicle's registration. Then, relax and enjoy your warm cup of tea as you wait for a quote. Transacting online is convenient since you can complete the entire sale process in the comfort of your couch.

Free collection service

The right scrap car buyer for you should eliminate the frustration of delivering the vehicle to their yard. While a local dealer close to your home is the preferred choice, you can eliminate towing fees if the buyer offers free collection services. Scrap and salvage car buyers like Easy Scrap Car Collections have branches across the UK and also offer free scrap car collection. It will save you time and money.

Take care of the paperwork.

The tons of paperwork needed to complete a car sale can discourage anyone from selling. You’ll need to complete section 9 of your logbook, DVLA paperwork, and a Certificate of Destruction to verify your car has been scrapped or recycled. The right scrap car buyer should take care of all the paperwork for you and also help you recycle your car even if you don’t have your V5c (logbook).

Transparent processes

The right buyer should every quote they provide and pay you the agreed amount. Any documents or certificates should be delivered on time in line with government guidelines. Trusted car buyers like Easy Scrap Car Collections deliver Certificates of Destruction within 7 days to confirm that your vehicle has been scrapped. The entire sales process is completed in three simple steps; find out what your car is worth, accept the quote, and collect your car and receive payment.

At Easy Scrap Car Collections, we offer the easy, simple, and transparent option for you to sell your scrap car. We have over 100 professional scrap and salvage car buyers and work with trusted car breakers and recycling centres spread across the UK. Our team of experts is always on standby and ready to meet your needs. You can rely on Easy Scrap Car Collections to help you find the best price for your scrap car.


Scrap and salvage car buyers make it easy for you to sell damaged or old vehicles. The right buyer will quote based on a salvage or scrap value and boost your returns. How do you choose the right scrap car buyer? Read more :-