The surface material of the acrylic swimming pool is acrylic board, and the back is covered with glass fiber, coated with special resin for reinforcement. The entire swimming pool should have uniform and bright color, smooth surface, no delamination, air bubbles, etc. The thickness of the surface layer is generally greater than 3mm, and it should be firmly combined with glass fiber without skin.

Acrylic is a by-product extracted from deep-sea oil and plexiglass. But acrylic is not as "breakable" as glass, and its impact resistance is 200 times that of ordinary glass, and it will hardly break. Its bearing capacity varies with thickness, the thicker the stronger.

Acrylic has a hard side, but also has the characteristics of flexibility. A hard acrylic plate can be formed into a radian and processed into various shapes after special processing.

At the same time, its thermal insulation performance is better than glass, unlike glass which is very ice. Compared with cast iron or steel swimming pools, acrylic has a "warm and soft" feeling and will not harm the body. Therefore, it is the best material for making luxury swimming pools.

Precautions for maintenance of acrylic swimming pool:

1. Acrylic material is afraid of being scratched by sharp objects.

2. The correct daily care method is to dry the acrylic surface with a soft cloth and soap or neutral detergent;

3. Follow the principle of cold water first and hot water to prevent high temperature deformation of acrylic swimming pool;

4. Do not touch volatile products such as paint and thinner.

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