Affiliate software allows businesses to monitor and track the performance of their affiliate programs. A company compensates its affiliates (whether an entity or another company) for giving them new customers.

Today, we have a thorough overview of the top 15 affiliate marketing software systems. But first, we break down the main advantages of affiliate software, decide whether or not affiliate software is right for you, and help you select the right software package for your business needs.

Advantages of affiliate marketing software

Affiliate marketing software is a vital part of running an affiliate marketing program.

In an affiliate program, licensed third parties place-unique links to your brand's website or store on their content platforms, including blog posts and social media posts. These connections are referred to as affiliate links.

Whenever anyone clicks on the affiliate connection and makes a purchase, the affiliate will receive a cash commission from your company as a reward. Typically, this payout is a fixed amount of each order, but it may also be a flat-rate cash payment.

Affiliate marketing software allows you to recruit affiliates, easily set up unique affiliate links, and monitor sales created by each connection using cookies and pixels. With the right affiliate software, you can quickly recognize your top affiliate relationships and automatically pay all of your affiliates on one platform.

Is your affiliate marketing software right for you?

Affiliate marketing software is far more niche than you would expect. It's nice if you want someone to promote your company through their platforms, and you're willing to reward them with a commission or other form of payment.

For this reason, the affiliate programs work particularly well for e-commerce or online businesses, especially those with higher margins. Studies show that store credits or enhancements are a common reward incentive.

Marketing through affiliates is also a good option if you can find others who have an established partnership with your product or service, as well as their own strong audience. As for all forms of marketing, it's best if the relationship feels normal. And because affiliate marketing may take some time before you see results, it's important to make a wise choice for your partner.

Alternatives to your Affiliate Software

Affiliate programs are also a form of an affiliate program. If you're planning to participate in several forms of partnerships, such as channel partnerships, PRM (partnership relationship management) software could be a better choice for you.

There are, of course, also other forms of software for various advocacy collaborations. Depending on your unique business needs, you can see more success with one of these alternatives:

Referral software program

Here are some strong indicators that your company will do better with software for the referral program:

  • Your clients are already recommending your company to their peers.
  • You would like to inspire consumers to share your company with their peers.
  • You can reward both referral customers and newly-referred customers.
  • You intend to use some remuneration structure rather than a fixed percentage of the purchases referred to;
  • You are running a service-based, experience-based, or SaaS business

Then the referral service software is going to be a much better match for you. Referral systems are somewhat different from affiliate programs since referral programs exploit the trustful relationships clients have with their peers. In the meantime, affiliate plans provide advice to those that the affiliate does not know personally. The referral program will always deliver better results than the affiliate program due to this confidence aspect.

Please read our report on the discrepancies between the referral and the affiliate programs for more information on these two programs.

Marketing Influencer Software

Influencer marketing software can also be a fantastic tool for corporate campaigns. If your marketing plan involves the following:

  • Recruiting lawyers who are authorities in their profession or among your audience
  • Recruiting influencers with a large presence in social media
  • Running a shorter or more limited campaign
  • Usage of a method of compensation other than a percentage of each purchase

Consider the influencer marketing software. Influencer collaborations can be similar to affiliate partnerships, but influencer initiatives are shorter-term and often concentrate more on social media. For more details checkout also here for free trial :-