Be cautious when choosing heat transfer paper manufacturers! The textile and apparel market has a very large demand for lettering film, especially in the peak season of each year, where supply is always in short supply. Of course, the quality of different types of lettering film is different. First, you must determine the quality of the product. So, in a mixed market, how should we choose a lettering film manufacturer? Let's take a look at the information collected by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. There are many types of lettering films on the market, which are different series derived from different transfer materials. Common types of lettering film are as follows: elastic TPU lettering film, color onion lettering film, laser lettering film, anti-metal lettering film, printable inkjet lettering film, PVC lettering film, flocking lettering film, reflective luminous lettering film, cloth lettering film.
So, when we are familiar with the product, how should we choose a wholesale manufacturer?

The original design should be created with a variety of artistic techniques to form a difference from other brands in the industry. Instead of fighting a price war, it is better to improve product quality and strengthen corporate culture. Take the tacky sublimation paper lettering film as an example, through the creation of artistic texture patterns, the development of multiple artistic lettering films and guarantee the product quality.

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