Burger King Ads! we have all seen them.

Burger King is the favorite of most real Americans.

Have you ever eaten the impossible whopper with all the sauces that is Honey Mustard, Ranch, Sweet and Sour, Buffalo, Barbecue, or Zesty?

As in my case I am addicted to the Honey Mustard dipping sauce. Every day after work I eat 3 whoppers.

Do you think it is impossible?

I am telling you the truth. My wife loves the steak house king.

The reason why I am so attached to Burger King is because my dad worked at Burger King.

It was his biggest wish to open a fast food restaurant similar to Burger King. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2017 without realizing his dream.

My dad was very passionate about his job and he was a very determined person. He worked days and nights and did a lot of shift hours. He was ready to sacrifice a lot to realize his dream.

Knowing that my dad could not turn his dream into reality was very heart breaking for me and my family. I vowed to carry on his dream and open a fast food restaurant.

Fast forward two years later, the dream became a reality.

I opened Burger Queen in October 2019.

Burger King Ads saved my business

At first I struggled a lot to make the business a success. I encountered several difficulties along the road which sometimes forced me to think about quitting.

Running your own business can quickly turn into a disaster if you do not have the right guidance and tools to manage your business.

The first 5 months was extremely difficult to generate sales but my dad’s work ethic rubbed on me and I was determined more than ever to achieve the American success.

Advertising and marketing play a major role in bringing success to a business.

During the early days of Burger Queen, I did not know how to advertise my franchise. I tried running a Facebook Page but it did not bring much sales. I attempted to send emails to my customers but was not successful.

After all these trials, I tried customizable advert templates to run on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

The customizable adverts were a game changer and brought a lot of sales.

Let us have a look at the different cheap advertising and marketing techniques that I have used to generate sales for Burger Queen.

Facebook Cover similar as Burger King Ads

Facebook Cover is one of the most underrated advertising techniques.

If used properly, a good Facebook Cover can impact your customers a lot.

In my case, I used Facebook covers to promote my products which are burgers, sandwiches, fried chicken and also my services such as delivery.

It is also important to choose a Facebook Cover that reflects the values of your company. For example, if you have a restaurant, you need to choose the right color for your Facebook Cover and also you need to use images in high resolution that will be eye-catching and impactful.

Having the right Facebook Cover photo size is also crucial.

Facebook Cover photo size Tips: Read here

Facebook Banner which are better than Burger King Ads

The impossible whopper looks delicious in the Burger King Ads, doesn’t it? Using Facebook Banners on your timeline allows you to display your information in a more attractive and impactful way.

Let us say you are planning an event. Using Facebook Banners is a very good way to present the event to your followers and customers.

Using the right colors, size, font, high resolution images, a Facebook Banner can make your customers feel connected and attached to your brand.

You can download Facebook Banner templates to make your life a lot easier.

Facebook Banner Size Tips: 1000px * 1000px is a good size for a Facebook Banner.

Burger King Ads Flyer

To promote Burger Queen, I used a lot of flyers.

Flyers are a cheap and efficient way of promoting your business.

Always make sure that your flyer is simple and easy to read.

A well designed flyer is one that conveys a message efficiently and from a business point of view, you want your flyers to influence your customers to buy your products.

You can target your audience and distribute the flyers exclusively to people that you want.

Flyers are cheap and easy to make or you can simply download flyer templates and customize it according to your needs with your own text and pictures. Using flyer templates is very cost effective.

Flyer Design Tips: Put emphasis on key words and include a call to action when you design your flyer.


Brochure is another cheap advertising technique.

A brochure can contain a lot of information about your business that you want to reach your customers.

You can include information about your products, services, location, contact information, any upcoming event, your company goals, your company values etc.

A well designed brochure has high resolution images, good colors, catchy words and quality printing.

When ordered in bulk, brochure printing can be obtained at a lower price. You can download brochure templates to save time and money. These brochure templates are of course customizable according to your needs.

Brochure Printing Tips: Always use high resolution images and choose the right printing company. Never compromise on quality.

Menu Card

Menu cards are very important to a business in the fast food industry.

A menu card gives your customers an insight of the cuisine available and also other information about the quality of your products.

Using menu cards also serve as a branding identity to your business therefore it is important to use high resolution images in your menu card. A menu card can be obtained on the cheap by downloading menu card templates.

Menu Design Tips: Promote your best selling product. Design your menu with clear and uncluttered layouts.

Business card

Business card is one of the most cost effective advertising techniques.

For a small business, budget is always an important factor.

A business card template can be obtained for as cheap as $6.

Business cards never stop working. Unlike a radio or TV advert or a Facebook advert which ends after a period of time, every time a customer sees your business card, this increases the chance that they will buy your products or your services.

Business card size Tips: The standard size of a business card is 3.5 * 2 inches. If the business card will contain designs on the borders then the size should be 3.75 * 2.25 inches.

I wholeheartedly hope that these cheap advertising techniques will be helpful for generating sales in your business.

Having said that, next month will be our 1st anniversary since we opened last year and I am using this invitation card to invite my fellow customers for a party where you can taste our different burgers and sandwiches.

On this occasion, we will also launch a new burger. Stay tuned.

Lastly, I would like to recommend yognel.com where you can get all the advertising templates with fantastic designs at a very good price.

I have used a lot of their templates for Burger Queen and they are just amazing. Very good designs, a variety of color choices, easy to edit and can be customized with own texts and pictures. For more details checkout article source here :- https://yognel.com