What is Vanced manager?

Vanced manager is an Android app that helps to install YouTube vanced on Android. Vanced manager is a user-friendly app that also helping to install MicroG on your Android device too. MicroG is necessary to install before you are going to install the YouTube vanced app. 

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube vanced is a premium version of YouTube that gives an ad-free premium experience. Using YouTube vanced you can watch unlimited videos without ads. And also the YouTube vanced provides premium YouTube content that is not available on the regular version of YouTube.

Why do you need to download Vanced manager?

Vanced manager is free to download and especially is helps to install MicroG and Vanced manager in simple steps. If you are not familiar with Android's technical background, installing YouTube vacned still easy with the Vanced manager. 

Features of Vanced manager

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Picture-in Picture mode
  3. Play Youtube in the background
  4. Themes including dark themes