Acrylic swimming pools have become mainstream products in baby swimming shops or hospitals and other related units on the market. As time goes by, some problems have been gradually discovered during use. Swimming pool equipment that uses acrylic materials for a long time will have problems with the water level, yellow scale, and pipe deposits. How should these problems be solved?

When the baby swimming shop is resting, do not let go of the water in the children’s swimming pool if you don’t use it. Dilute a bottle of pool wall cleaner and a bottle of tube cleaner each time into the pool water evenly. It is strictly forbidden to put it directly on the pool body. , Circulate operation for more than 1 hour, and let it stand for at least one night (the longer the better).

After the next day or longer, the store has to circulate for more than half an hour, and then drain the water, and then inject new water, circulate and flush the pipes and pool body, then drain several times, and then inject new water to normal use. Note: Do not use corrosive products such as cleaning toilets, which will easily make the nozzle rust and the pool body will become yellower. (84 is quite special, it is recommended that customers try not to use it).

The extension of the life of acrylic swimming pool equipment is due to its own material problems, the use and operation of the equipment, and the use and maintenance of the equipment. Correct operation and standard maintenance.

Acrylic for swimming pool has many advantages. If you need to buy or wholesale, please feel free to contact us.