I believe everyone is very interested in the identification of 4x8 pvc foam board, so how to identify the performance of PVC board? This is the related question we are going to talk about in this issue. The answer to this question is in the following explanation:

1. Look at its appearance gloss: the poor gloss is recycled plastic, not PVC.
2. Resistance: The recycled plastic is also much worse.
3. Look at the cut surface: after the recycled plastic is cut, there will be miscellaneous materials with different colors.
4. Density: Throw it into the water to see if it floats on the water, most of the regenerated ones sink to the bottom.
5. Heating and welding: There will be smoke when welding recycled plastic.
6. Light transmittance: The light transmittance of PVC plastic board is excellent.

The main content of this issue is these. Have you learned the identification method of PVC board?

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