The yarn part surfaced on the cloth surface, showing a protruding three-dimensional shape, and various floating-point connecting groups form various pictures. The cloth woven in this way is called jacquard fabric.

Advantages and disadvantages of jacquard fabric:


1. The style of jacquard fabric is novel, beautiful in vision, and uneven in hand. It can be woven into different patterns according to different fabric base fabrics to form different color contrasts, which are favored by people who pursue innovative fashion.

2. The jacquard fabric is easy to take care of, and it is very comfortable to wear in daily life, and it is light, soft, and breathable.


1. Easy to fade.

2. It is easy to lose elasticity after wearing for a long time.

3. This kind of fabric should not be exposed to excessive exposure during washing.

How to distinguish jacquard fabric and small jacquard fabric:

The difference between jacquard fabric and small jacquard fabric is simply: jacquard fabric is a weave loop with hundreds of warps, which needs to be woven with a Jacquard machine; small jacquard is woven by a dobby loom Cotton fabric with small floral spun texture, or small pattern fabric, multi-arm jacquard fabric. Literally: the larger number of weaving loop warps is jacquard, and the smaller one is small jacquard. The specific identification method is as follows:

1. Judge the warp and weft direction of the fabric;

2. Find a complete zonal cycle;

3. Find out how many warp yarns with different motions are in a complete cycle;

4. Under normal circumstances, the number of warp yarns with different motions below 20 is small jacquard, and those with more than 20 warps are jacquard.

The above is only the preliminary judgment of jacquard fabric and small jacquard fabric, but in the actual process, the situation will be different. It is still necessary to analyze the basic equipment configuration of the company. For example, it is preliminary judged to use 20 warp yarns with different movements. Dobby loom with 20 healds, but the fabric warp density is too large. It is easy to cause the density of each heddle to be too high. At this time, we must consider weaving on a jacquard machine.

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