When we are decorating, we can see a lot of building materials, including an Aluminum Corrugated Panel .

If aluminum is chemically oxidized (that is, the clean aluminum surface is chemically reacted with the oxygen in the oxidizing solution at a certain temperature) or electrochemically oxidized (that is, the aluminum is put into the electrolyte, and the oxygen ions and Water directly reacts with the clean aluminum surface), a layer of the hard oxide film of 0.025~0.05 mm or even thicker will be formed on the surface of aluminum, thereby further improving the corrosion resistance of aluminum. The aluminum corrugated board processed in this way has a service life of more than 60 years. Aluminum Corrugated panels can also be painted in various bright colors, which can make the building more beautiful.

Aluminum Corrugated Panel is light in weight. Using it as a roof panel, it is about 20 kilograms lighter than asbestos-cement tile per square meter. Aluminum is easy to achieve plastic processing and forming, and the length of rolled Aluminum Corrugated Panel is not limited, so many joints can be reduced in use, thereby increasing the coverage area. In addition, Aluminum Corrugated Panel has high strength, and it is particularly useful in earthquake-prone areas when it is used as a building material.

In short, Aluminum Corrugated Panel is an excellent building material with many advantages such as being lightweight, high strength, fire resistance, beauty, earthquake resistance, and ease of transportation and construction. Of course, there are many advantages of an Aluminum Honeycomb Panel .