The latest batch of Ones to Watch cards is about to appear in the eyes of players, because FIFA 22 is coming soon. If you are enthusiastic about FIFA 22-related information on the Internet, you will find that some of these cards seem to have been leaked. Want to know more details? Please read this article in detail.

Every year, EA adds special promotional cards to FIFA's Ultimate Team mode to drive players to participate in game content, because this mode has always been the most popular mode in the FIFA series.
The return of the Ones to Watch card has already excited FIFA players, and EA also announced that it will add FUT Heroes to FIFA 22. And now, the first batch of OTW cards have been revealed through leaks on the Internet, just like a series of Ultimate Team player ratings that were leaked before.

What is an OTW card?
As one of the best football simulation games in the world, the FIFA series is characterized by the fact that what happens on the real stadium will affect the player's performance in the game. This is also the biggest attraction of Ultimate Team to FIFA 22 Coins players.

The Ones to Watch card selects the players who have recently transferred to the new team. Their scores are dynamic, with low initial scores, but as they get better and better in the club and national team, their dynamic scores will also increase.

And the player's overall score will also improve with the player's award. For example, in FIFA 21, Ferran Torres was rated 81 but received an 84-rated in-form card. His Ones to Watch went up to the same rating and remained there for the rest of the year.

If you want a special one-time upgrade to these cards, you can Buy FUT 22 Coins also use a newly announced feature-Wins to Watch. This mechanism allows players to increase the score of these cards after winning a certain number of matches.

There are currently five OTW cards that have been leaked, and an Instagram post allowed players to see five of them for the first time. These include:
    Jadon Sancho – Manchester United (89-rated)
    Memphis Depay – Barcelona (86-rated)
    Ibrahmia Konate – Liverpool (81-rated)
    Jack Grealish – Manchester City (84-rated)
    Achraf Hakimi – Paris Saint-Germain (85-rated)

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