In the current decade, almost every old and traditional trend has made a comeback. This year was all about vintage and aesthetic looks and recreation of some of the most iconic looks. Like many other trends, it also brought back the light weighted and most comfortable outerwear the "army field jackets". World war 2 created and encouraged many fashion trends and apparel mostly were assigned officially to the army officers. The beginning of these jackets was marked by the M-1941, but it had a particular purpose to fulfill, that was the duty of garrison. This made it look insufficient for the other problems. So it was evolved to the M-1939 Service Coat. Following the lead, many jackets came into being and they revolutionized the fashion industry over time. Soon these trends spread out to the general public and they adopted these styles as their regular wear. Till this date, there are numerous brands specifically selling out military-inspired fashion wear and people consider it as one of the essentials of their fashion closet.