In the New World closed beta stage, the well-known anchor Asmongold joined the adventure. But after experiencing a lot of game errors and problems, Asmongold said that New World's performance in the testing phase was very sad. He hopes that the developers can properly handle these problems after the test, and he believes that these problems can be solved.
Asmongold described some of the problems in the game from an impartial perspective, although New World, as Amazon's most important MMO, won the recognition of most players and quickly became a hot topic. Of course, the Twitch star's process from calling the game "dysfunctional" to "junk" may reflect his true thoughts to a certain extent.
Asmongold revealed that after discussing the game with Dexerto, he believes that although New World has not yet reached the standards that are officially open to players, its future is still promising.

New World is tried by Asmongold
Asmongold Buy New World Coins sees quite a few problems from the current state of New World. The first is boring PvP combat-because there is no targeting system like other games in the game, in order to hit the enemy, players have to stand in front of someone and click on the target over and over again. There are also server failures, which are mostly caused by embarrassingly bad network coding.
Of course, there are other details. He said that although these are not minor problems in other MMOs, they are really nothing compared to the serious problems of New World mentioned earlier, but they still have an impact on the player's gaming experience. For example, the level 11 crocodile encountered by the player is exactly the same as the level 63 crocodile, which is unimaginable.
New World is also scarce in the types of thugs. In order to make the thugs look different, Amazon provides a solution to change the skin of some thugs. However, this is just the same NPC doing the same thing. Enemies in New World are really lacking in intelligence and cannot reflect the difference between skilled players and novice players.
Asmongold thinks he can't emphasize this too much, because this is the flagship MMO developed by Amazon, but there are only so few NPCs and mob types. In the end, he concluded that what New World is currently showing is very sad.

In any case, the developer posted a tweet stating that they have received feedback from players and are ready to revise these New World Coins issues. I believe we can get a satisfactory New World after September 28. In order to get a better gaming experience, you can buy some New World Coins in Newworldcoins, as the main currency in the game, a large number of New World Coins will make your adventure easier.