Low beds are a distinctive feature of the Japanese bed, due to the centuries-old manner of sleeping on the floor. And in general, the Japanese way of life involves "outdoor" life: sitting on the floor, sleeping.Even now, some of them prefer to sleep on a futon (special mattress) or mat, rather than on a comfortable and soft bed. Nowadays, when of all ethnic styles the most fashionable is Japanese, a large percentage of people have low beds at home. What else is the difference between the Japanese bed, because it's not just its squat?

minimalist japanese low bed

The bed is the center of the Japanese bedroom. It may have low legs, or it may not have them at all. There can be four, often five (one is in the middle). As a rule, a Japanese-style bed is a natural wood frame with crossbars. Many beds are equipped with a futon, but it is more comfortable for a European to sleep on a familiar mattress.

The positive aspects of the Japanese bed include its stability, which is natural due to the short legs. And the "cons" will be noted by neat housewives at the very first cleaning: it must be moved to get rid of dust on the floor.

The simplicity of a Japanese-style bed is expressed in everything: straight lines, no frills, natural color. Furniture material is exclusively natural. Decorations, gilding or something like that are not acceptable. Of course, European designers make adjustments to their designs, but they do not stand out from the general concept.

Consider a collection of low beds in Japanese style, feel the atmosphere of an Asian night.

classic japanese style bed

A slightly ascetic model will surely appeal to fans of minimalism. Dark wood, the absence of legs is a great option for an interior with strict details.

white japanese bed

If you remove the mattress from this bed, then you can cover a small picnic within the walls of your own apartment. A square base, five short legs - that's the whole bed for a Japanese interior. It's really amazing how the Japanese manage to build such a banal construction into an object of admiration?

unusual black bed

You can feel the influence of Europe in this low bed model. The frame is painted white, with wide and round legs. Such a bed will fit into any interior, like any other in the Japanese style, thanks to its laconic and discreet appearance.

low japanese bed

Comfortable floor bed with side shelf. In addition to its graceful shape, this model is good in that familiar objects can lie very close. You can read before bedtime, have a cup of tea. Moreover, all this can be done without getting out of bed (a lot of necessary things will fit on a convenient shelf).

low bed in Japanese interior

Similar to the previous bed. This model is distinguished only by the location of the shelf: now it is at the head.

bed on the floor in japanese style

Feel like a real Japanese while relaxing on a futon. The incomparable atmosphere of an exciting night. Perhaps this option will suit someone, because after waking up in the morning this "bed" can be rolled up and simply hidden in the closet.

low bed elve


We would like to draw your attention to the elite furniture of the Italian factory Elve. The factory has existed since 1971 and during this time its products have not lost their relevance. A distinctive feature of the products: laconicism, uniqueness of forms. Japanese-style bedroom sets are incredibly popular. The beds are legless, ergonomic, beautiful and simple. The production uses environmentally friendly materials.

In order to create a "Japanese" interior in your bedroom, a low bed is not enough. There are many subtleties you need to know to help create the desired environment.

elve beds

The interior in the "Japanese" style is a whole philosophy based on the unity of man and nature. Hence, everything is natural: from materials to colors. Give the shades the maximum value! Japanese-style interiors do not tolerate bright, unnatural colors. Of course, a Japanese dining table bedroom can be red or pink in color. But these are the tones of nature. Base: brown, white and black, and other natural colors (light green, pink, orange, red) can be added.

The Japanese bedroom is not overloaded with decor. Only one picture on the wall is permissible and it is not at all desirable to hang a whole family photo album. The Japanese do not like this! A couple of figurines, a vase, a fan will serve as a small delight. The textiles are also discreet. Look for silk, young bamboo, or straw for curtains. Several tatami mats on the floor ... and the corner of Japan is ready!