When it comes to trade shows and other marketing events, it’s all about making a strong brand impression. Custom tents are among the most popular and dynamic-looking event displays available, and they come in many different forms to meet the diverse needs of all kinds of brands. gazebo manufacturers would like to introduce these types in details!

Custom Pop Up Tents: These square and rectangular custom pop up canopies feature a branded fabric top over a frame of steel or aluminum. Custom pop up tents with logos typically come in 10'x10', 10'x15', or 10'x20' footprints.

Custom Inflatable Dome Tents: Inflatable tents can sometimes be easier to transport and set up than metal-based tents, and offer a much more impactful look against the sea of custom pop-up tents.
Custom Star Shaped Tents: With a more complex look and set-up, these custom canopy tents are referred to by their unique shape. Star shaped custom canopies are the best option for large-scale event spaces where smaller structures won't cut it.

Traditional pop-up tents are the most common type, and there’s a huge offering in the market with a wide range of durability, material, and quality. While they’re many brands’ go-to choice, a 10x10 or even a 10x20 classic pop up tent isn’t always the right fit for some occasions.

For instance, if you prefer something that is easy to set up, an inflatable tent is the ideal solution, and they are commonly available in bigger sizes - like 18’x18’ or 26’x26’. Those who prefer something with more structure and protection with a unique look may want a star shaped tent as a stand out option sure to make a lasting impact on event guests. Star shaped tents offer much larger footprints, like 72’x50’.

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