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New Beats and Fresh Swag. Another new aspect of the season is First Fridays, which will add new songs from budding world-renowned artists to the soundtrack every Friday throughout the season. Throughout the year, players will have the opportunity to add freshness to the wardrobe. Every season, they will launch the most popular brands of clothing to keep players tidy on and off the court, so wise players should prepare enough NBA 2K22 MT.

The W Online. NBA 2K21 introduces W on the next-generation console, which is a brand new game mode featuring WNBA and MyPlayer experience. Adding W to NBA 2K is a proud moment, and PlayStation continues to build it in NBA 2K22. Fight against your opponent MyPlayers online, and get new rewards in NBA 2K22, such as VC, clothing bags, badges, nail polish, etc. Therefore, it is best for players to buy NBA 2K22 MT to quickly upgrade and collect all the rewards.

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