Print technology is a recent innovation that has taken the fashion industry to a level unimaginable. When prints mix with fashion, there is a product that surely satisfies the needs and wants of many people. Recently, the youth has been hugely attracted to every kind of print. Especially, the printed T-Shirts are doing a fabulous job in inspiring the youth for something better each day. With the innovation in the fashion industry, different types of developments are taking place. There are many forms of T-shirts. Therefore, it depends on an individual which one they would want to choose and in what manner would like to style the outfit. With print, there comes a revolution in the T-Shirt category of clothing that could easily be inculcated in the dressing style of a person. 

The contemporary world has seen the emergence of pop culture or popular culture. A major part of culture is formed by the kind of outfits we wear. Culture is transferred from one part of the world to another through the medium of garments or clothes. Therefore, the clothes that we wear also send messages across the world. The contemporary, or the post-modern world believed in getting into the helms of casual clothing. This is the same time when people started printing on various garments to make them look better than ever. Each printed T-Shirt signifies something different and that is exactly the beauty of it. An interesting fact, that I am sure most of you are unaware of, is that the origin of printing clothes can be seen to be coming from the parts of China, where screen printing was prevalent. 


Printed T-Shirts For Men - An Overview

T-Shirts for men, when printed, give out a stunning look that goes beyond the usual image of people. Can we possibly imagine the reason why the first garment that one picks up to feel at ease, is mostly a T-Shirt? It is primarily because of the comfort that this garment provides us with. With the onset of the Industrial Revolution and the incoming technology, printers and machines were discovered. This factor gave a push to the printing industry to work on garments by giving a major boost to the fashion industry. 


Soon, around the early 1900s, the concept of screen printing spread all over like a fire when finally people recognized it as an art form. It took nearly half a century to bring this idea into action when in the 1950s, a printed T-Shirt started to get printed and hence, was being sold in the marketplace. Eventually, with popularity, more people started enjoying the casualty as well as comfortability of this outfit, which knew no bounds. 

As we know, during that time major brands that ruled the world were Coca-Cola and Disney. These two brands decided to bring our printed tees that include the prints of their products in various ways. With progressing times, T-Shirts started involving the prints concerning various environmental as well as social issues. 


Top Ways To Style A Printed T-Shirt For Men

Let’s look into the ways through which men can style a printed tee and nail the style phenomenally. The list for the same is as follows: 

  1. Printed tee with regular jeans
  2. Printed tee with boxers
  3. Oversized printed tee with shorts of any kind
  4. Printed tee with denim shorts
  5. Printed tee with trousers or joggers
  6. Printed tee with cargo pants
  7. Printed tee with cargo shorts
  8. Printed tee with slim-fit jeans
  9. Printed tee with baggy jeans 
  10. Printed tee with printed shorts


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