The Final Fantasy XIV mount is regarded by many players as a status symbol in the game, and it is one of the best ways to show your character to other players. Below I will introduce some mounts that can be easily got in the game.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the player becoming a functional healer is a thankless task. Therefore, those who are committed to upgrading the magician career to level 30 will Buy FF14 Gil as a reward. After completing the side mission Unicorn Power as a level 30 summoner, the path to the majesty of the unicorn will be unlocked. Once the mission is completed, the unicorn whistle will be awarded.

Many new players may miss Jonathas, this NPC can exchange the achievements of the player in the game for rewards. Jonathas can be found in Old Gridania. Simply play through the main scenario tasks, and the player will eventually win enough achievements for any or all of these mounts.

Completing the mission of the beast tribe is an easy way to build a library of mounts. A cool mount is the Cavalry Drake mount, which can be purchased for 120,000 FFXIV Gil after Amalek reaches the Trusted level. It will breathe fire and walk on all fours. Any fan who likes the aesthetics of lizard mounts can appreciate Cavalry Drake.