Not long ago, Bless Unleashed underwent a major update. This update brings players a new dungeon and a new final boss, as well as a twisted spider queen that players can kill in exchange for a mount.

According to Neowiz and Round8, this is the first major update to the PC version of Bless Unleashed. The first more important Bless Unleashed Seeds update of the game's real-time server brings a brand new dungeon and a powerful live boss in the form of a twisted spider queen.

This new dungeon is called Nightspire: Caverns of Wrath, and players must be at least level 35 to ride this ride. For the vast majority of players, this will be a challenging job, and it will allow players who venture into it to take a fascinating adventure before it allows it to approach its ultimate leader: Flame Lord Vale.

If the player reaches level 42, the player will be able to fight The Twisted Spider Queen, and those who defeat her have a chance to win the Wyvern Mount. This will provide a nerve-wracking combat experience for those more skilled adventurers. In addition to the Spider Queen and the Flame Lord, the new update also brings more UI/UX improvements than the limbs of the aforementioned monarch.

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