The supplies needed to plant flowers in a Garden Wall Hanging Pot.

Potting Soil. You’ll need a bag of potting soil (or several, depending upon pot size). We usually just buy what’s on sale, but usually prefer the Miracle-Gro options. If you’re carrying your soil over from prior years (I leave mine in the pots all winter), I usually do a mix of old and new to ensure there are still nutrients available in the pot.

Gardening Gloves. These aren’t necessary, but I always prefer them so I’m not cleaning soil out of my finger nails for days on end. I like lightweight options with a cloth/latex mix like this pair for working on my flower pots.

A small shovel. Again, this isn’t necessary but can speed things along. I typically just use my hands though when working in pots and save the shovels for planting in the ground.

Planters. I’ve collected mine over the years, as they can be quite the investment if you plan to have a lot in your yard and on your porch. These tall planters I got last year and two of my favorites as I feel they’re not only the perfect size, but they also have inserts that come with them so you don’t have to fill them all the way with dirt! With the wind in Nebraska, I prefer resin planters over ceramic, as it’s not uncommon for ours to occasionally blow over. I’ve included a few other fun planter ideas below, but I also have a post dedicated to outdoor planters. Simply click on any of the images below to learn more about each item.

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