Thanks to the fans and non-Canon jobs, the world of Dragon Ball has expanded all possible addresses. In this way, there will always be some material that tries to solve all the doubts of the fans. One of these works is Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle , a game for mobile devices, which shows us how Nappa would look when it was transformed into Super Saiyajin phase 3.

One of the main characteristics of this power, are the facial features of it. When Goku uses this skill, his eyebrows disappear, and his hair grows greatly . In this way, fans have been asked for years how Nappa would be seen in Phase 3 of Super Saiyajin. This is where Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle enters the scene, since some of the illustrations of the game has the answer.

As they could see it, Nappa is and will remain bald . However, the characteristic mustache of him has grown in a fairly funny way. Maybe it is not the design that many wanted, but it is as close as we have an official work at the moment.

In related topics, for this reason the Super Saiyajin have golden hair. Similarly, tennis have been announced inspired by Vegeta.

FULL SSJ GOKU TEAM SHOWCASE! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Via: Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle

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