As we all know, professions are the most effective way to make gold in World of Warcraft. One of the best occupations for making gold quickly is mining, which requires the use of a pickaxe to collect ore. Players can further improve their mining skills by smelting ore into ingots. However, sometimes players need to use two different ores to make specific bars or ingots. Mining shares one of the two main professions that players can engage in in WoW TBC Classic.

Mining is profitable because most other occupations require ingots made by miners. Due to the high demand, players can sell mining recipes/ingots/ores at high prices in the auction house. The additional benefit of miners is the additional resources of each mine. These additional resources come in the form of TBC Classic Gold rare gems, earth particles, etc. Upgrading the player’s mining profession requires the player to meet with any mining trainer to learn skills and buy pickaxes.

Players can smelt to level 290 by purchasing raw ore from the auction house. Starting at level 290, players must mine thorium veins until level 300. Smelting is a good way to quickly upgrade the mining level, but the cost is very high. If the player does not want to increase the level of mining, or the player does not have the money to purchase auction house resources, please follow the rest of this guide.

In WoW TBC Classic, there will be copper ore in every starting area. The monster levels in these areas are very low, so don't expect it to be difficult to farm. Players usually get 120 copper at 65th level. Before the player starts the next area, be sure to visit the player's trainer to raise the player's mining level to Journeyman. If there is no Journeyman, the player's skill level will not exceed 75.

Iron ore is the best ore in the game because it sells the most gold in auction houses, but it comes at a price. Iron ore is one of the most controversial ore in Vanilla World of Warcraft, so expect a lot of PvP or those who steal players’ mines. Players can find these ores in Arathi Highlands, Desolace, and Thousand Needles. Players can also find them in other locations, but these areas are the most effective areas, and players should focus their energy on these WOW Classic TBC Gold areas.

In summary, mining is the bigger money-making tool in TBC Classic. If you have a demand for TBC Classic Gold, then you can act now. If you don't want to waste too much time mining, you can also buy cheap TBC Classic Gold at MMOWTS, I'm pretty sure you will get the best experience there.