Enchanting has changed many times throughout the Elder Scrolls Online series. It's a way to change and enhance equipment in the Elder Scrolls Online series. Injecting powerful magical abilities into weapons, armor and jewelry Injecting powerful magical abilities into weapons, armors, and jewels sounds exciting, but this is actually another level of training, just like alchemy or forging. Elder Scrolls Online 6 can improve every step of the enchanting process: the way players enchant weapons and armor.

Elder Scrolls Online simplifies the skill tree and adds some ESO Gold to the in-game enchantment process. Both Skyrim and Oblivion rely on soul gems and enchanted altars. The former gather souls through conjuration magic (or items with soul trap enchantments), and the latter can be found in designated locations in the game world.

Enchanting in Elder Scrolls Online is a mixed bag because it diminishes the overall usefulness of ESO's best new equipment. The same problem exists in Skyrim: Even the most unique level equipment is inadequate compared to the equipment that skilled players can enchant themselves. If the Nightingale Bow of the Thieves Guild deals 30 Frost damage and 15 Electric damage, it has no value.

Players can experiment and combine essence runes and energy runes to ESO Gold Buy, instead of flat enchantments that can be stripped from one item and pasted on another. Discovering new and interesting enchantments will inspire players to continue to explore, take risks, accept missions, and set out to find new equipment to place their new enchantments. This is the core of the Elder Scrolls Online series-incentivizing players to investigate a cave or dungeon again, or play the questline until they are completed, because the reward may be worth it.