The following is all the information players need to know to complete the broken and scattered mission line in Elder Scrolls Online. Even without an ESO Plus membership, Elder Scrolls Online MMO has a lot to do. From a large number of different tasks to all different areas to explore, players can easily invest hundreds of hours of game time.

The broken and scattered tasks in Elder Scrolls Online have a slightly branched path that involves saving some characters. This guide will help players save these characters and complete broken and scattered missions. The fragmentation and dispersal can be started by talking to Mirri Elendis outside Doomvault Vulpinaz, which is located north of Leyawiin in Niben Forest in Blackwood.

Once the shattering and dispersing begins, enter the Doom Dome and drive north until the player sees the sky. After this, they need to grab the ledge across the river to investigate the expedition camp. When the player approaches the camp, Miri recognizes one of her ESO Gold, a Nordic named Iolaf, connected to some kind of equipment. Here, Xigira will laugh at him because the surrounding Mehrunes Dagon cultists are using crystals to power the devices of the Soul Siphon Array. To help Eolaf, the player needs to destroy the crystal.

Depending on the order in which the player destroys the crystal, Eolaf can be alive or dead. There are external crystals and intermediate crystals that need to be destroyed. Destroying the middle while ignoring the external crystals will cause the person in the trap, in this case, Eolaf, to die. Millie's dialogue in the mission will vary depending on whether the player saved her friends and Cheap ESO Gold. Although there is no need to save Eolaf to complete Shattered and Scattered, saving them will make the player feel better, which is a better choice.