In the contemporary corporate landscape, businesses have their operations expanded across multiple nations and geographies. Excellent customer support is a common element in all businesses that are performing well. Robust communication infrastructure is needed to deliver exceptional customer support in real-time.

Traditionally, if you wanted to deliver excellent customer support, you would have to spend a substantial sum on your customer support infrastructure. However, the digital world has provided new and better ways to achieve the same without spending a fortune.

Understanding Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual number is a cloud-based contact number that can be leveraged to route the incoming customer calls to a suitable support executive based on the customer’s queries.

Corporations can easily use domestic and international virtual numbers to expand their market reach and manage operations seamlessly.

The Working Principle

 Are you wondering how a virtual phone number works? Well, let’s find out. To receive calls and messages using a virtual number, all you need is an internet connection. The traditional numbers that we use rely on cell towers and phone lines, whereas virtual numbers are cloud-based. To access your virtual number, you don’t need any specific device. You just have to log in to your service provider’s application using a compatible internet-powered device.

To place a call using these virtual numbers, you just have to type the number and dial it using the online portal. One of the most important benefits of a virtual phone number is that you can work with limited resources without compromising the quality of your services. Having international numbers will also help to establish trust among international customers.

Is it For You? 

Are you still wondering whether virtual numbers are beneficial for your needs? Well, there are plenty of benefits of a virtual phone number, let’s look into the three most prominent ones to find out.


 The most important benefits of using a virtual phone number are that you can easily customize it as per your business needs. You can assign a single number to multiple people to help them work together and resolve customer queries.

You can use multiple virtual numbers and set varied business hours for different numbers as per your requirements. It is quite useful when your business operates in various countries across different time zones. You can even create different phone menus for every number. Be mindful of setting different caller IDs to help your customers distinguish between multiple numbers.


 Whenever you are scaling a business, you have to put in a customer support team to handle new inquiries and address customer queries in real-time. Virtual numbers provide you with the flexibility to easily add a new communication unit and provide real-time customer support to customers in a new territory.

As per research reports, it was found that over 59% of the people are more likely to answer calls from a local number. Also, since the local numbers can be accessed from anywhere using the internet, you can easily hire team members from any part of the world.


 Virtual number plans are highly cost-effective, and you don’t even need to buy an additional device to make contacts. You just have to log in using your computer or smartphone to text message, receive and make calls.

The traditional phone systems that are employed in a customer support facility require a massive upfront investment. Virtual numbers, on the other hand, are highly cost-effective. You can even hire people from different parts of the world and cut down your employee expenses.

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