On November 5th, the new version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been released, along with the Happy Home DLC, which makes many Animal Crossing players very happy. So for ACNH Island designers, what will they prepare for this update? Today, let us hear what the designer Animal Crossing Bells Lex has for beginners and what preparations he has made for the update.

The designer stated that he was about a month and a half after purchasing the game (approximately June 2020). He began to pay attention to the aesthetic value of his island. Rivendell is his first island, and it has been redesigned many times. Later, more islands were designed by him: Lórien, Lost Falls, Antillia, Zinnia, and even GG Island, the official island set up by GUCCI for its Gucci Guilty activities.

With the continuous construction of his island, his aesthetic point of view is constantly changing, from the theme of autumn to the old abandoned city. His main idea when designing the island is to fill all possible spaces and minimize empty grass. His use of natural furniture and shrubs in the design helped him achieve this.

For new players, the most basic thing is to take some time to learn how the game is played, and what kind of aesthetic design needs to be arranged on your island. You can choose to go to Buy Animal Crossing Bells the Animal Crossing community on Instagram and Twitter, where you can find a lot of inspiration. In YouTube, it can help you learn how to get the resources you need and how to use the tools in the game.

The new version has been released, and players have begun to join the new game, in which to stimulate their brains and start designing new themes for their islands. Of course, Animal Crossing Items are indispensable in island design, and players need to actively acquire them. Now players can directly purchase Animal Crossing Items in MMOWTS, you only need to spend some money to get them in the shortest time.