She gave me this little tincture. Though we tend to think of these accessories as kitschy, they've had their chic moments. Why launch now when so many independent businesses are struggling to stay afloat and are uncertain about how to progress into an unknown future For Rure, who is based in Istanbul, it was about listening to her customers.

Melissa Battifarano designed a very slinky black fishnet bodysuit to be crotchless because one, it's sexy but two, you have to pee! Working in the sport and lingerie business has uniquely oriented her to her customers' needs when it comes to both comfort and sex appeal.

The Paris-based designer, who creates zero waste-minded vegan shoes that come in cool colors and without granola crunch, created itty-bitty shoes for the child in conjunction with 3-D-printing footwear company Zellerfeld. Technology allowed easy access to real-time ish information, and suddenly niche blogs and topics started to go mainstream.

For those looking for a clever way to break up an all-white look, Golden Goose Sneakers a pair of colorful jewels will easily get the job done. While it's dainty, the eye-catching contrast of the leather and opulent mini silver balls give it edge. Until today, when a 21-piece collection of dresses and sets for brides, bridesmaids, and guests launches on Over The Moon.

You can't just talk, you have to do. IRL, he wore it with a slew of tracksuits on Instagram. While Schutz covers the staples you'll find no shortage of sleek black heels and modern mules in their fall collection, sometimes you want to turn heads This electric pair telegraphs confidence-put on the Floater Parafina and you've immediately raised the stakes.