EA Sports added a new set of Base Icon Jay-Jay Okocha team building challenges to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team yesterday. You can get this item in the SBC menu in the game.

Base Icon Okocha's card was first released in FIFA 21, but this month he won the SBC in FIFA 22 with Miroslav Klose, who scored 89. As an attacking midfielder in Nigeria, Okocha played for Eintracht Frankfurt, Fenerbahe, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bolton Wanderers in the 1990s.

Level 85 Prime Icon Moments Okocha has a very high skill level. He has level 93 dribbling, level 88 speed and level 80 hits. However, his defense and physical FIFA 22 Coins fitness ratings are relatively low, 37 and 59 points.

If the player uses the hunter chemistry style, he can increase his speed and shooting, which will make his game skills more powerful. And this card can even maximize his acceleration and make his shooting data reach 85 points and above.

Moreover, when you have this card, you will find that he will establish close ties with other legendary players, such as Pele of 98, Diego Maradonna of 97, Ronaldo and Zidane of 96, and finally Ferenc Puskás with 94 points.

Players will spend approximately 317,000 credits for the current version of Okocha on Playstation, 312,000 on Xbox, and the highest cost on PC, approximately 401,000 FUT 22 Coins. However, as an icon card, such a high price is normal. You must know that his skills are very good.

The Base Icon Okocha SBC will be available before the 8th of next month. If players want to complete it, they need to hand in eight teams. Including: Born Legend, Rising Star, Top-notch, The Artist, Paris Finesse, League Finesse, 86-Rated Squad, and 87-Rated Squad. That's right, there are more teams to complete, and more FUT coins are needed, so try to Buy FUT 22 Coins increase your coin inventory.

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