Sometimes, new dancers may wonder if they need salsa shoes or not- Salsa is one of the famous Latin American dance forms that particularly needs specially crafted shoes. Wearing regular shoes while performing this social street style Latin dance makes you uncomfortable, preventing you from performing complex steps; moreover, you can injure your feet. If you're a new dancer, after a certain period of time (like 6 weeks), you must have a proper dancing shoe to further build your dance skill.

Importance of women's Salsa shoes:

These special types of shoes are crafted to provide you support, comfort, & endurance during performing. Latin dance styles like Bachata, Mambo, Rumba, especially Salsa possess extreme feet movement and highly complex feet steps, so you require something to prevent any injuries or can diminish the risk of getting injured. Dance shoes are generally designed with flexible soles that provide you with the freedom to make full-range of motion gracefully. The sole is made with soft, premium-quality leather or suede to make your spinning movement easier.

The ultra-soft inner lining prevents your feet from any injuries and bristles as you usually wear them for a long time; there is a high chance of getting bristles. In this particular dance style, dancers transfer the weight from the ball of the foot to the heel area and vice versa quickly; women's Salsa shoes help achieve the right stance & elongate the back portion. Furthermore, the shoes also lift weight slightly to the front portal of the foot while distributing the body weight evenly across the lower part.

Salsa shoes come with high-inch heels, and if you're not used to wearing heels, it might be difficult for you to wear these high heels during the dance. However, you can start with a low heel type shoe and gradually increase the heel size with time. The importance of heels is it helps you move faster, gracefully, and without missing your balance. The heels help a lot in complex spinning movements, as in this specific step, dancers need to move quickly and rapidly without any interruption. For the start-up dancers, the flared heels are best as it provides you with height as well as a solid grip and stability. Not only for new dancers but flared heels also are the first choice of professionals, even instructors.     

How to take care of these shoes?

The shoes can be made up of premium satin or leather. Using satin or leather shoes, you have to prevent the shoes from getting wet as it can ruin the sole entirely. While you notice that the leather sole is getting shinier and flatter, you need to brush the sole using a leather shoe brush to raise the lather again. Using a heels protector is good to give it an extra shelf-life. Dance shoes are mainly worn while performing; it's not for regular wear. So, if you're on break, give those special pairs of shoes air and light.

Buying ladies dance shoes for the first time, or you are a regular buyer, you have to select the right craftsman who is experienced and reputed in selling shoes. First, make a list, check the material used in the shoes, price, and other specifications, and then purchase it.