We were on the east side of Milan next to a radical squat in a sprawling, abandoned factory, within which Remo Ruffini and his cohorts had laid out Moncler Jackets separate stages for their eight full Genius collections, plus three accessory collections (a fat - tire Danish e - bike; the super - cute hot - model - thronged Poldo dogwear; and Rimowa luggage) plus, oh yes, the genius but not "Genius" Rick Owens tour bus project on the side.

That was a big driving point behind what we wanted to achieve. And what of the 'spaceship' that Owens and Lamy used to traverse America's rugged desert landscapes In a prescient move, Rick Owens chose to create a mode of travel in which he and his creative partner and wife, Michele Lamy, could cocoon in.

"I always want to do bits and pieces with many people. Moncler's ability to make the slopes safer, at the same time as making them more stylish is a sign of the ingenuity that has propelled the brand forward since its inception in1952.

I don't really want to be one designer for one brand," explains Fujiwara. In short, he's never been the type of person to stay within a single discipline.

Moncler's classic codes were set down in the mid - century, when recreational skiing and mountain exploration was beginning to boom. It was then the turn of 2 Moncler 1952 Man Creative Director Sergio Zambon, who guided the audience through an exhibition inside the Central Station, followed by a charity auction on Artsy - and www.monclersoutlets.com in the same location Craig Green showed a series of sculptural and extreme architectural structures reminiscent of machines designed to fly.