Although Amazon Game Studios’ New World experienced a difficult period of failures and problems in the six weeks after the game was released. In fact, Amazon Game Studios has been very active in patches and fixes recently. Among them, one of the most frequently heard complaints in the community is that the game lacks diversity in terms of missions and enemy types. This means that Amazon Game Studios simply rewards New World Coins and rare items and it is not enough toeliminate the boredom of the task.

Amazon Game Studios is trying to solve this problem by adding more different enemy types to the game in future patches. Especially in the early part of the game, it’s important for players to keep participating. Another interesting addition to New World PTR is Void Gauntlet, which is a brand new weapon that has been planned for some time. Its charm is that it will change MMO. Many players bought New World Coins to welcome it.

Void Gauntlet is a game-changing weapon because it is the first weapon other than Life Staff to increase damage and healing through concentration, but it is also a magic weapon, so its key attribute is Intelligence. This makes it an incredible choice in any build of New World. This means players can spend New World Coins to enhance its damage and healing effects.

In addition, another feature of Void Gauntlet is that it allows New World players to sacrifice their health to gain mana. This is totally a bonus, because Void Gauntlet itself can treat its users in various ways, and the damage it receives is quite controllable.

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