The CPA examination is a tough nut that requires strategic preparation and planning to crack. Considering that the passing rate has consistently been below 50% throughout the past decade attaining a CPA certification is not a piece of cake. This single examination contains 4 sections that prove to be a true nightmare for many CPA aspirants because of the technicality and complexity of the sections individually and of the exam in general. This is however done to ensure the standard quality of a CPA professional and his skill set. If you are one of those individuals who is considering pursuing a CPA certification but is unsure about where to start from, read on to know some effective steps through which you can bring your CPA preparation. 

CPA courses in India and eligibility

To make your preparation more streamlined, you can join the certification program. That is a good option for students who have completed their CA or possess the requisite eligibility in order to qualify for CPA and add credentials to their resumes. 

CPA course eligibility in India depends on the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. The candidate must hold a bachelor's degree in commerce in order to take up jobs at the international level. They must also earn 150 accounting credits during their graduation. Certain state boards also award credits for offering international professional courses like that of a CA. 

CPA course fees in India differ from state to state. The application fee is around Rs. 3600 to 14,500. The examination fee for an individual section is Rs. 14,100. The registration fee depends upon the number of sections that you choose during your examination. All four sections cost approximately Rs. 12,900. It is necessary to attain an ethics license whose fee ranges from approximately Rs. 10,900 to Rs.14,500. Rs. The fee of a CPA license is 50 to 500 Dollars per year and differs from state to state. Then there is the fee for systematic professional education that ranges from $800 and to $5000. 

Kickstarting your preparation for the CPA Exam

Professionals or amateurs, sometimes CPA aspirants failed to determine the level of effort that they need to put in in order to qualify for the examination and the standard of the exam. In such a case, the first significant step towards getting more clarity on becoming a CPA professional is enrolling for a CPA coaching class, Since the CPA certification program is an online certification program, it is difficult to find a leading CPA class in Mumbai.

While looking for a coaching class, you must check their learning management platform and the kind of mock series and tests that they provide. If the faculty is CPA-qualified faculty, it is a bonus. Some coaching centers, however, also provide resume building and placement assistance along with professional networking that helps you reach closer to your career options after you qualify for the CPA examination.

We hope this guide helped you get a clear idea of what it takes to become a CPA in India.