In New World, the spear is one of several melee weapons with long-range options. It provides a lot of effective crowd control and a variety of states, which can make it more difficult for the player's opponent to counterattack. However, the throwing spear is more limited to PvP, because it does not provide enough consistent damage, and can only supplement the piercing tree with the range activation option.

Similar to swords and shields, spears also change with changes in agility and strength. However, for the spear, agility is a higher scaling attribute, and strength is secondary. Mainly through agility to zoom and the amount of crowd control it can Buy New World Coins provide makes it a good melee pair with a bow or musket. The lower intensity scaling does make it very feasible to pair with most other melees.

Zoner Tree focuses on remote components and pair them with multiple options to create space and control the opponent's crowd. The ultimate ability of this tree retains power and provides 25% damage when full of endurance. This passive is very situational in PvP, but it is likely to be active unless the player has recently avoided it. Although it appears frequently, it may not be as reliable as Impaler Tree's Ultimate.

Hatchet is one of a pair of melees with remote options. Half of its tree is dedicated to this range component, the throwing tree. The other half focuses on ruthless and powerful attacks called the Berserker Tree. It is a great weapon for PvE and PvP. However, its biggest disadvantage is that most of its energy is in the primary cooling. This makes it boring and boring as a weapon, because many other people possess many useful skills.

As far as leveling is concerned, the skill combination of Berserk and Raging Torrent is a good New World Coins combination. It is mainly proportional to strength, and agility is a secondary attribute. Since it uses the same primary attribute for scaling, it is usually used in conjunction with swords and shields to provide additional duration and damage to the already powerful tank construction. In addition, players can purchase a large amount of New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to prepare for the game.