Condensing Boilers are the boilers with the highest performance and best operation, since they take advantage of the heat produced by the condensation of the fumes generated by the boiler during the combustion process. In other words, the boiler makes the most of it by using the water vapor it generates and turning it into liquid.

In this way, the resources are used and the boiler's performance is maximized.

How do Condensing Boilers work?

The condensation process consists of the substantial change from gaseous to liquid state. For the gas to become a liquid state, it is necessary to have two very important factors such as temperature and pressure. When the condensation reaches a certain temperature level, there is a release of energy that causes it to go into a liquid state. This takes advantage of all resources and saves energy. led light price in bangladesh

Why choose a Condensing Boiler?

We share this video from the Me Cambio a Gas Natural channel , in which they tell you in a very visual way why you should opt for a condensing boiler.

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