One of Blizzard’s biggest recent success stories is WOW Classic. Recently, WOW Classic is about to celebrate its 20th birthday and is re-released, which also shows some things.

Blizzard announced a new iteration of WOW Classic, for players and Blizzard, WOW Classic is undoubtedly a gift that is constantly given. This new version is called WoW Classic Season of Mastery, and it aims to achieve faster TBC Classic Gold game progress and more challenging content.

Blizzard published an article a few days ago, this article detailed a large number of changes brought by the WoW Classic Season of Mastery.

Some people may wonder what WoW Classic Season of Mastery is. As the name suggests, it is a seasonal event, starting on November 16th. Although Blizzard has not announced any specific information about the timetable, we still know exactly when this season will end.

In addition, Blizzard also added that when the season is over, players can choose to transfer their roles to the classic era.

Although it is a limited time event, the WoW Classic Season of Mastery is completely different from Halloween or Feast of Winter Veil. SoM just provides a way for players to start a new level 1 character on a new server, and in the process, players can also enjoy some additional challenges. But these servers are not meant to replace the regular WOW Classic, so you don't have to worry about it. There will be no changes to the WOW Classic server, and the same is true for WOW TBC Classic. However, we can still distribute the characters in all classic versions of WOW and Shadowlands.

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