Monsoon is one of the best times to travel if you wish to enjoy the true colours of nature. While the lush green surroundings, the gentle mist, and the beautiful weather are the highlights of monsoon travel, certain precautions need to be taken to keep you and your belongings safe. Including the right tools and clothing is important to enjoy the rainy season and bask in the glory of nature. Here we talk about some tips to pack your bags once you have done your Goa flight booking.

Monsoon Friendly Things to Pack

You are a savvy traveller if you pack your bags keeping in mind the weather conditions of the places you plan to visit. You would not like to be stuck in rains wearing thick jeans or clothes that will take a long time to dry or shoes that are slippery. The key is to choose the right gear for your monsoon travel. Here are some essentials to carry with you after you have booked your flight ticket online to Goa or any other place during the monsoon season.

  • Umbrella or a Rain Coat- The best way to protect yourself from getting wet and falling ill during your trip is to carry a foldable umbrella or a raincoat. Do not leave them behind thinking that they will add to the weight of your baggage.
  • Waterproof backpacks- A backpack is quite useful for storing your essential items when you are exploring the city or area to which you are travelling. Prefer bags that are waterproof and have sufficient pockets.
  • Zip Lock Bags or Water Proof Pouches- Carry Ziplock bags or waterproof pouches to keep your wallet, smartphones, and other equipment like cameras and lenses safe from water.
  • Mosquito Repellents and General Medicines- As a precautionary measure do carry a first-aid kit and mosquito or insect repellents especially if you are planning to camp amidst nature or planning to visit the beaches during rains.
  • Choose Synthetic Fabric Clothes- If travelling during monsoon, getting wet is a high possibility and to prevent yourself from such a happening ensure that you pack some synthetic clothes. The synthetic fabric clothes tend to dry fast, are breathable, and are easy to store too.
  • Waterproof Footwear- After you book your flight tickets online and you know that it is likely to rain in your destination city or area, ensure that you have waterproof shoes or footwear. If you don’t have a pair, arrange for it. Waterproof footwear will enable you to walk comfortably even in tough terrains. Floaters and sandals are good options for safe walking during the rainy season. Do not pack any fancy footwear for they will not only get spoilt but also result in you slipping on the wet roads or terrains. Even while packing flip flops ensure that they are not slippery.
  • HairDryer is Useful- Carrying a hairdryer is recommended during monsoon travel. This will ensure that even if you get wet you can easily prevent yourself from falling ill by drying your hair immediately and do not have to wait for your hotel authorities to provide you with one.
  • Waterproof make up- If you are fond of make-up, choose the ones that are waterproof and do not spread all over your face if you get wet.

Pack these things in your baggage and you are all set to enjoy your rainy vacation. Also, remember to reach the airport in time to avoid getting stuck up in heavy traffic due to waterlogging. There is a possibility of flights getting delayed or cancelled during rains so do check with the airport authorities about the status.