There are some advantages to the player owning an apartment room, which makes it different from the experience of living in a manor. Final Fantasy XIV players will not risk losing their homes due to lack of subscription time. All apartment buildings have market committees, fixed clocks and chocobo stable interiors. The first two are mainly for convenience, while the latter allows players to train their chocobo companions or change their colors.

Another benefit of owning an apartment room is the discount delivery to the building. There are several NPCs in the building, including repairmen, Moogle postmen, and merchants. The latter sells various items to decorate the room and allows private vendors to be hired. However, if the player has already stepped into the Final Fantasy XIV production course, then the player can simply make the furniture themselves. Or players can use FFXIV Gil to get the items they want.

Although the apartment rooms are much smaller than the lowest estate, they all include at least a full basement. An apartment can also accommodate up to 4 businesses, but they also reduced the total space to 100. The walls, floors and lighting of the apartment can also be adjusted. Although the apartment has only one room, the ceiling is high, allowing players to create attic with specific items. This includes factory stairs, wooden steps, wooden staircase bookshelves and wooden attic.

Since Final Fantasy XIV players do not own this land, they cannot adjust any content related to the complex itself. This means that any external items or designs are useless, and they cannot even be placed in storage facilities. Nor can it build any outdoor furniture, resulting in unusable items and complicated gardening methods. People can still plant basic flowers and produce in their rooms, but without a complete garden, they cannot crossbreed for rarer items and higher profits. Finally, players who want to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil should choose IGGM.