Emilie Simon (Montpellier, July 17, 1978), is an author and also French Synth pop music interpreter.

Big Eye Games has released the STEAM store page of the survival horror game LABYRINTH OF THE DEMON KING (Devil's Labyrinth).

This work is a 1-library view of the world with the image of Japan in the feudal age. The player fights as a foot light that can be served as Takeda Shinto.

We explore Demon King's Labyrinth and adventure to defeat the Majuro who bet rites the Lord while fighting the puzzle or fighting against a horrible monster. Battle with close and long-distance attacks is also available, but there is only a limited resource and must be made planned.

SO.. I Played a Japanese Horror Game

This work is also influenced by the Biohazard and Silent Hill, but also on the Form Software 'King Screen'. A nostalgic door is used on the loading screen.

Labyrinth of the Demon King will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam) for a classic horror game.

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