When you hear the words lasers and facial in the same phrase. It's difficult not to conjure up imagery from science fiction. It may even be frightening to consider. However, because of recent technological breakthroughs. 

New hybrid therapies, such as the Halo laser therapy, are safe, effective, and pleasant, and they may restore your youthful glow while avoiding the concerns associated with previous laser treatments.

The Halo Treatment Is Expensive

The Halotherapy is really fairly pleasant, especially when compared to previous laser treatments. For any potential discomfort, your doctor will apply a topical anesthetic. The laser itself includes a cooling mechanism that helps lessen the feeling of heat from the laser.

In order to guarantee uniform treatment over your skin. Your doctor will use a motion tracker to measure your skin. The Halo handpiece will then be slid across your face until the system detects that your treatment for that region is consistent, pleasant, and complete.

The sensation of the halo is typically characterized as a slight heat with a tingling sensation. The majority of patients report little. It works in the same way as other laser resurfacing techniques.

Other laser treatments can be unpleasant and have longer recovery periods.

Because Halo laser resurfacing combines epidermal and dermal rejuvenation. It enhances the benefits of your laser treatment while reducing discomfort and recovery durations.

Old laser treatments were inconvenient and used an overly strong, one-size-fits-all laser. Carried a significant risk of scarring, and was only suitable for those with fair skin. Halo, on the other hand, is precise, adjustable, and devoid of scars. Furthermore, it works on both darker and lighter complexion tones.

Having said that, let's dispel some of the most frequent Halo laser resurfacing fallacies.

Halo Laser Treatments Are Harsh on Your Skin Halo laser resurfacing before after, like any other laser resurfacing procedure. Employ heat energy to induce new collagen formation.

The difference between Halo and its predecessors, though, is something called ablative resurfacing.

  • Most people are acquainted with ablative laser treatments. Which melt the outer layers of your skin to kill cells and encourage new development. 
  • Non-ablative lasers heat up the underlying deep layers of your skin. Rejuvenating it and promoting new collagen and elastin formation from inside.

Previously, laser treatments were just ablative, but Halo is a hybrid that employs both ablative. non-ablative technology to reduce skin damage while also tailoring the treatment to your specific skin conditions.

As a result, it lacks the unpleasant side effects of ordinary ablative-only lasers. Furthermore, it may treat a wide spectrum of issues, from the deep to the surface.

Halo has Negative Side Effects

The worst side effects are likely to be some warmth on your face for around thirty minutes after treatment, as well as some peeling when your old skin peels away and your new skin resurfaces.

Even the most minor side effects may be minimized––you can tailor the treatment to your specific needs. So if you need to get back to your usual routine as quickly as possible, you can receive a light treatment that will revive your skin and have it ready for makeup the next day. If you have a more intensive deeper-level treatment. You may notice an even greater improvement with only a week of downtime.

In either case, you should take additional precautions to preserve your skin for a week following treatment as your collagen regenerates.

Other things to be prepared for shortly after treatment:

  • Within the first 24 hours, your skin will peel.
  • After 24 hours, you can resume your routine activities.
  • 5-7 days following treatment, your skin will seem softly bronzed.
  • Your skin's complexion will improve during the next week.

With Halo Laser Resurfacing, you can love your skin.

With all of the latest advancements in laser resurfacing technology. It's no surprise that certain fallacies concerning laser treatments persist. You may be certain, however, that the Halo laser is safe, offers faster recovery periods, and is less expensive than older laser treatments.

Proffer Surgical Associates We realize how frightening and perplexing laser resurfacing may be. That is why we tailor each treatment to your specific needs and explain the procedure in as basic and straightforward a manner as possible.

With Halo, it's simpler than ever to turn back the clock and lessen the visible indications of aging. Schedule a consultation so that we can learn about your aesthetic objectives and see how we can assist you.

Halo Isn't Worth the Money

It's difficult to argue against investing in Halo laser resurfacing as a total skin rejuvenation therapy. Halo has been shown to:

  • Reduce fine lines
  • Reduce pore size
  • Add a healthy glow
  • Improve the overall texture and tone of your skin
  • Remove discoloration
  • Get rid of acne scars
  • Smooth out the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth
  • Improve dull skin

The Halo's brilliance is that you may customize the number of sessions to fit your skincare objectives. You can have a few more intensive treatments (with somewhat more downtime) or stretch it out across numerous simpler sessions to achieve the same outcomes over a longer period of time.

Over the course of months, you will see gradual changes in your complexion, and the benefits will remain for years.

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