Beginning with a trip to Malaysia

A visit to Malaysia is a memorable tourist experience. Several unforgettable places are best for exploring by bus. Redbus has an extensive network of luxurious buses but is comfortable, safe, cheaper, and convenient. The buses are luxuriously air-conditioned buses with free wi-fi and several amenities.

Looking for the best places to visit by bus

The best places to explore Malaysia by bus begins with Kuala Lumpur. Redbus has several guided tours conducted by bus, and this capital city is best for exploring by bus. The sites covered in this city tour by bus includes the Petronas and the Menara KL towers. Both towers are breathtaking, and there are several things to see and take up most of a day. The forest eco-park with a canopy walk over the park is another prime attraction in Kuala Lumpur. The Sunway lagoon theme park is another of the city's great tourist attractions, which is best for exploring by bus. Then there are heritage buildings and heritage sites that include the Berjaya Times Square, the Sultan Abdul Samad building, the Istana Budaya cultural palace and the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. There are exotic markets such as the Connaught market and Little India, along with super malls that include the one within the Petronas towers.

The second is the Teman Negara natural rainforest. This is best for exploring by bus. This natural rainforest is one of the oldest in the world and has a lot of flora and fauna. There are jungle trails that are fun for trekking and are extremely popular with tourists. There are resorts within the rain forest and a night in the middle of the forest is an unforgettable experience.  

Penang is a wonderful place and one of the best for exploring by bus. Redbus operates several buses that ply to and from Kula Lumpur to Penang. The buses are very comfortable, luxurious and tourists can save costs on hiring taxis and cars. Penang has many attractive tourist options. One of the memorable things to do is to take the Langur way canopy walk above the jungle atop Penang hill. There is another walkway known as the Curtis tree top Crest walkway, which is the highest point on Penang and provides views of the colonial town of Georgetown as well. There are several other great places to visit in Penang, and one of them is the clan Jetties, an entire village built on stilts above the water level. Another surprise for tourists in Penang is the Entopia glass conservatory, where 15000 butterflies live in a preserved natural habitat. Tourists can enter the conservatory and interact with the butterflies. Penang has old historical forts, and they include the iconic Fort Cornwallis and one of the largest war museums inside another old fort. Georgetown is a great city with a colonial touch and well preserved in its original ambience. The street shops and foods are a delight for tourists

The Cameron Highlands is another of the great tourist sites in Malaysia that is Ticket Bus Online. There are bus services from Kuala Lumpur to the Cameron highlands. This is one of the hill stations in Malaysia where the weather is pleasantly cool and temperature at night can go as below as -12 Degrees C. There are tea plantations on the hill slopes and the beautiful spectacle of strawberry farms. A popular delicacy that is served here is strawberry whipped with cream and sugar. The Cameron Highlands is a great place tos stay after the humidity in the plains, and there are many hotels and resorts in this beautiful hill station. Tourists are treated to great opportunities for trekking on the hillsides. The bus drive from Kula Lumpur to the Cameron highlands takes 2 hours, and the bus ride through the countryside and up the hills is memorable and picturesque. Redbus and its affiliated travel partners have made this mode of travel a great way to explore the fascinating country of Malaysia.

Redbus has revolutionized the concept of tourism by bus, and their buses are built for the ultimate luxury in travel while on holiday. Overall, Malaysia is one of the countries bus online ticket.