Sometimes you just need a good musical movie. Some nights, serious art movies are a reasonable choice for sofa time; Other, horror movies or your favorite romantic comedy can also be. But from time to time, a song is calling your name - admit it! We ventured to collect some of our favorite musical movies on Dogesflix. This list includes only the songs that the characters in the script actually sing - so movies that have great soundtracks or soundtracks (like these) but don't sing or dance in the actual plot don't count. If you're looking for real recordings of Broadway stage performances, you can find them here. We also exclude music TV shows like glee and crazy ex girlfriend, as well as concert films and music documentaries, which are completely different things. Now, cut the crap and see the full list of our best musical movies on Dogesflix.

Jersey boy

"Jersey Boys," directed by Clint Eastwood, is based on a Broadway play of the same name. The biopic has received a lot of criticism for its digital coloring. Although this may be true, it has not affected the career of Frankie Waley and the four seasons hotel. Despite their success in the early 1960s, the group was often ignored and their story was not widely known. You may have heard the song "big girls don't cry", but you probably don't know the band's relationship with the gangs and their financial difficulties after their success. So while Jersey boy is full of tacky creative scenes, large-scale musical performances and unnecessary moments to break the third wall, it makes an interesting observation of one of the less known performances in pop music. Coston John Connor

Les miserables

The first thing you notice is breathing. Jean Valjean stood on the top of the mountains of France, thinking about the future after 19 years in prison. Fatigue and breathing between the lines could be heard in his song. Director Tom Hooper soon made it clear that his film based on the popular musical Les Mis é rables would not be a perfect interpretation of the song Les Mis é rables. The film is largely characterized by excellent singing, but it also emphasizes the vulnerability of this work, which is largely defined by grandeur. Foot Matthews

Mary Poppins returns

More than half a century ago, Mary Poppins first floated down from the sky with an umbrella. Now, her sequel is back. It happened during the great depression. Jane and Michael have grown up, and so has jack, Bert's young assistant. He is a lamplighter. He is as comfortable with Mary Poppins's mysterious magic as an old chimney sweeper. Michael was an unfortunate widower whose three children were forced to grow up rapidly after his mother died. Michael Popins didn't even want to hire Mary Popins, even though she didn't even get old. "Happy all over the world 2" adheres to the concept of star wars, that is, recycling the storylines and scenes that work for the first time. The film is full of nostalgia for the past, and unless the fact itself bothers you, the effect of the film is as relaxed and warm as the original. Emily Blunt may not be Julie Andrews, but she gives an admirable impression that Lin Manuel Miranda is a more attractive partner than Dick Van Dyke with an extremely bad accent (Dick Van Dyke again plays Mr. Dawes, the elderly banker), And a lovely little dance). The magic of "joy all over the world" is to block out any possibility of real danger or failure, but songs, dances and the imaginary world visited by everyone's favorite nanny are the real focus. This is an opportunity to forget your troubles and the light and wonder of travel. Josh Jackson