You can easily reduce the cost of these party supplies by buying and decorating plain white paper or polystyrene cups in different ways to suit the theme of your birthday party. Because cups are actually for drinking, bagasse bowl supplier not just for table decoration, don't overdecorate.
Here are some ideas
Funny faces: These cups are ideal surfaces for creating funny faces that turn boredom into fun at the party table. You can use colored construction paper cut into different shapes to create the faces of animals, people, or cartoon characters. disposable french fry cup Use colored stickers on your nose, eyes and cheeks.
Color pipe cleaner can be used on whisker. I don't recommend adding "hair" to your face unless you can be sure that the yarn or wool won't interfere with the drinking process. You can also add a foot or shoe cut from construction paper and attach it to the bottom of the cup. If you make animal faces, tails can be made from string or cotton balls.
Of course, you don't have to use paper or stickers for your eyes and cheeks. best ripple wall paper cup factories There are so many kinds of jelly candies that you can literally build an entire face on a paper cup - using little frosting to glue the candy to the paper cup. Licorice is used on eyebrows and beards.
Ribbons and flowers: Wrap a pretty ribbon around a paper cup and attach a large fake flower to the ribbon to add a festive touch to the garden or tea party. For boys' parties, you can cut a band from rough fabric like burlap and glue a small plastic toy to it.
Theme stickers: Buy party-themed stickers and have your kids decorate cups with them.
Bucket: wholesale cornstarch cutlery Ordinary paper cups can also be turned into buckets, which can be used to hold snacks at the party table or even as after-party gifts. pla paper cups manufacturers Use acrylic paint to paint the cups in party-themed colors, or simply decorate with the stickers mentioned above.
Cut strips of cardboard for the handle and punch holes in each end of the handle and on both sides of the cup. The handles are attached to the cups using plain cotter pins or decorative corner studs for paper crafts such as puppets and windmills.
Decorating regular paper cups in these ways may mean that you will need more time and more work, wholesale bagasse bowl but your kids and party guests will certainly be pleased and impressed with these decorated paper cups instead of the regular themed paper cups purchased at party supply stores.

For more paper cup crafting tips and party food packaging, visit Hyde's website. wholesale sugarcane disposable bowls We will help you turn your child's birthday party into the coolest event of the year at the lowest cost.