As Lost Ark's initial launch calmed down, more and more players started switching servers to join friends who might have started their journey on locked servers. By the way, if the player is missing Lost Ark Gold in the game, then the player can visit  MMOWTS to purchase it.

Since server switching requires the player to create a new character, this can also serve as a second chance if the player wants to try a different class. While there are plenty to choose from, customization options are limited at best. In Lost Ark, most classes are gender-locked by default, so overall player customizability options are quite limited.

This makes members of the same class start looking the same in the later stages of the game, which can be duplicates. The days of gender-locked classes may not be that long, though, as Smilegate is developing multiple female variants of existing classes. Berserker was teased during the LOA of Winter 2021, with no set release date.

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The female Berserker's release will likely take place in the last few quarters of 2022, as it takes time to develop a new model from scratch. MMOWTS is the Best Place to Buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold. From new animations to armor, it's only natural that developers take the time to develop new character models as they need to fit perfectly into the game.

Adding such assets could also cause some bugs in the process, which the Lost Ark developers fixed before the female berserker and others debuted. It's worth noting that players should also dig into the importance of Lost Ark Gold. MMOWTS is ready to offer players the cheapest  Lost Ark Buy Gold, welcome to visit.