Exclusive Ford F-150 Lightning Winter Ride-Along Proves This Truck Is Ready  for Every Season - Roadshow


We experience Ford's all-electric truck from the passenger seat as engineers steer it through twisters in the harsh winter conditions. Ford's upcoming F-150 Lighting looks like a legit changeover product.

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This all electric truck has a respectable range of use. It's surprisingly inexpensive in its basic form. And it should have all the features, durability, and capabilities that F-Series customers expect. In fact,

about 200,000 enthusiastic beavers have already spent the money on one, although Lightning offers far more benefits than a powered pickup truck. combustion, but it's still an EV, meaning cold-weather use can be a serious problem.

To see how the battery-powered F-150 can handle the worst of winter. Ford invited me to Michigan's remote and chilling Upper Peninsula for a dedicated ride as a passenger in a truck. And yes,