Saw a TikTok and purchased immediately, user supercoolexploradora captioned her unboxing video, which has upwards of 789,000 views and 87,000 likes. A lot of these brands that celebrate gender neutrality do not make shit for me. Forget any notions of Bridget Jones-esque pants - these have a 3-millimeter-thick, absorbent gusset which uses three layers of fabric to wick away moisture, fight bacteria and absorb fluid. It's exciting. French activist Marie Cohuet is one of many protesters who have disrupted fashion's business-as-usual operations to get the industry's attention. Last October, Cohuet, a member of the environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion, crashed the Louis Vuitton spring 2022 show carrying a sign that read Overconsumption Extinction.

Only one medium is left at Moda Operandi and Net-A-Porter, while SSENSE and Neiman Marcus both have one size large left. At this rate, there won't be a Scarlet sweater left anywhere by the time the clock strikes weekend. And you best believe there were tons of trends on the Paris runways that have already been spotted on TikTok. So don't be nervous. And as one of the firsts, she didn't have access to the virtual garment-making tutorials and resources that are so prevalent today it's why, cSapphire says, clothing design on Roblox is more popular than ever. While, yes, it's easy to discern a bad design like not adding textures or copying-and-pasting designs and logos from real-life clothing, she doesn't consider any design as bad, because I started where the bad' designers started, she says.

Some earrings from a weird Instagram website. It's French. The last stop of the Phil Oh Fashion Week tour is Paris, and the looks he captures never disappoint. Reviewing Paris Fashion Week street style, you can expect epic off-the-runway looks and moments of extraordinary creativity from maximalists, minimalists, and every style in between. As I write in the book, you'll see more baguettes and berets in these guides to French style than you will people of color. Plus-size French women exist, too, but they never seem Golden Goose Shoes to make it onto the mood boards.

Showcased by the Swedish brand with cropped jumpers, shawl-style layers and loose-fit dresses, this look isn't just stylish - it's hella practical considering we're still pulling out our winter jackets in March. Other organizations are less interested in working with individual brands than in demanding that the industry stop its current cycle of overconsumption for good. I've been waiting for Rosalia's third album since 2018, and today, it's finally here. Earlier this week, she taught Jimmy Fallon how to roll his Rs while promoting Motomami, but I could barely focus on the interview.